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Fuel Operations Co-ordinator

Employer Flightworx Aviation Ltd
Sector Aviation
Contract Full Time
Wages Competitive
Employer Job Reference
Closing Date 26 Feb 2020

Job Description

The Fuel Co-ordinator is responsible for organising and prioritising the flow of jet fuel release
documents for all our clients on a day to day basis, ensuring that all necessary parties are informed
whilst adhering to the department’s procedures and high standards. Constant communication with
fuel suppliers, various Flightworx Departments and crew members are a must.

Working collaboratively with other members of the Fuel Department, and autonomously where
required, the role is a high demanding one that requires independent motivation and the ability to
deliver within a hard working team.

The role is to ensure that all fuel activity is delivered promptly and accurately and in compliance with
our Local Procedures Manual, quality and safety policies.

 Observation – maintaining the flow of requests for fuel as per individual client requests via
email, telephone or any other communication apparatus, and through monitoring the daily
Flight List via company systems.
 Price Assessment/Updates – the careful and precise navigation of ascertaining the clients
best/correct fuel supply option through various company systems. To ensure all price
notifications are added correctly to the company systems.
 Service Delivery – overall accountability for the efficient and timely delivery of the daily Fuel
Departments schedule of work; ensuring that the Fuel Team have their workload (client
requests, fuel releases and planning) correctly prioritised and delivered to the highest
 Service Delivery/Quality – quality controlling information exchanges within the Fuel
Department to ensure that comprehensive handovers are conducted with the Fuel Team
prior to and upon return from any periods of absence from the office.
 Upsell Flightworx Services – promote the additional services which the company provide to
new, current or potential clients. Observing opportunities to increase current levels of fuel
volume and communicating the prospect direct to the relevant Fuel Department staff
 Quality – completing/amending accurate and detailed fuel releases documents/requests,
following the correct company procedure when adding documents ready to forward to
reseller accounts, direct suppliers, Fixed Based Operators and Maintenance, repair and
 Quality – supporting the accounting department by retrieving fuel costing and delivering
accurate information needed to complete the final phases of billing.
 Trip Data Input – using applied training to create new trips within company systems, based
on information received from direct fuel only clients. Following company guidelines to
competently and accurately input data in to company systems.
 Customer Care – answering incoming calls/emails in a professional manner to all clients,
dealing directly where possible. Generating new fuel sales as well as upsell opportunities.

Essential Skills Required
 Ability to demonstrate a methodical, organised and flexible approach to work
 Exceptional ability to task daily
 Effective listening, verbal and written communication skills
 Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, with the ability to communicate
effectively with a diverse range of people, establishing and maintaining effective working
 Ability to plan, organise and prioritise workload to meet deadlines
 Common sense attitude to solving problems and to prevent reoccurrences
 Computer skills, Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet

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